Lucky Donuts

Someone asked me, at the opening of the show, what the title meant and it stumped me as by the time I made them their name was firmly embedded in my mind and seemed self-explanatory.  Well, the donut part is fairly obvious – there may already be an official term for this small piece of interior frippery, but if there is I don’t know it & “donut” has been a good stand in.

They are “lucky” in the sense that other kinds of decoration are; charms for our wrists, tassels for doorknobs & handles.  It ties into a general theme about superstition that’s been in my work – the wish to protect is deeply embedded in the human psyche.

I believe tassels owe some folksy debt to “Chimney poppets” (I could have made this up as Google is not quite supporting me – this post is helpful), an old English tradition of making little doll figures either to bless the house or curse perceived enemies (often stuck with pins or nails) that would usually be stuffed up the chimney but were sometimes on display.  Check these out:

I thought it would be fun to invent my own charms for a house.  I fancy a series of 3 on the wall ala Hilda Ogden, but solo is probably more tasteful; they can also be used as table decorations, or indeed perform a mini-transformation on a small vase.

For all – each one comes with it’s maker’s blessing & 3 feathers.