Harvest Moon (about time)

After the lovely Play / Ground workshop in July, everyone who’d come decided it would be good to do something every 4-6 weeks.  Silvia Kuprinska gave us a wonderful preview of Walthamstow Wetlands in September, and by August I was having a thing about the end of summer, golden fields, passing time and Ana Lupas’ ambitious, slow, reflective & beautiful collaborative work “the Solemn Process” which I’d seen that month.

So I put together this September walk: meet in my front “garden” in the goldening light to witness attempts to replicate such sacred work in a leytonstonian context, take bag of goodies including mini-Ana viewing circles to a circular walk of Hollow Ponds. Look through viewers. Circle the ponds. Skim specially made ‘skimmer’ stones with a wish for what you’d like to harvest in the next 12 months across the reflection of the sunset in the water towards the expected appearance of the moon. Enjoy glow from circular glow necklaces as night falls. Reach the beginning point again as the Harvest moon rises over our E11 horizon. Go to pub; discuss.

All went more or less to plan although a recalcitrant moon caused long waiting time and having all given up and decamped to the pub, we were notified by an early departure that the orb in its full glory was peaking through the clouds so finally viewed by all from the backdoor of The Alfred Hitchcock. Talk about suspense.

#ritualArtforScientists #thoseStonesReallyFlew