Winter Solstice

Well, September, October & November skipped by  in a haze of day job work, procastination and increasing greyness.  Nice ideas from everyone came and went – the seasonal deadlines were quite tough – but Pippa Davismoon stepped up to the mark in December with a beautiful walk / meditation / celebration that I wish we would do every year.

Held on the 27th December (not quite exact solstice date) we started with a poem at Bushwood and walked to Valentine’s park, for a time of silent viewing.  Spookily, birds seems to understand and we witnessed incredible displays in a couple of bare trees and on the water; theatrical.  Pippa instructed us in mindful walking up to the top of the park, during which passers-by helpfully asked us all ;what we were doing.  Arriving at the top, with hot meade, we toasted the solstice (some of us making the traditional sacrifice of toddy to the ground more willingly than others..) and ran down the hill with all the noise we had saved from the silence to the flats of Wanstead, where we had another toast and watched the sundown and city lights come on.  Magical.


this video’s not great but still worth a squint – the trees were full of tiny birds all just flitting about from branch to branch and really quite noisy; no idea why, what kind of birds, whether this is an everyday occurence at this time of year or a rarity that I only noticed in the quietness…